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BelgiumPhotos  (See all Items in: UPIAR PUBLICATIONS)

Belgium in UFO Photographs
by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos & Wim van Utrecht (2017)

An exhaustive, fully referenced catalogue of alleged UFO pictures taken in Belgium during the years 1950 to 1988, with detailed case histories and sources,  reproductions of all available photographs and extensive evaluations for as many as 84 individual case histories. An unprecedented work issued from a fruitful cooperation between the Spanish FOTOCAT project and the Belgian research initiative CAELESTIA.

[in English; 400+xii  large-format pages, 366 pictures].

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EUR 32,00
marfa  (See all Items in: UPIAR PUBLICATIONS)
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The Marfa Lights

THE MARFA LIGHTS - Examining the Photographic Evidence (2003-2007)
by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos & Manuel Borraz Aymerich (2020)

Fotocat Report #8: Two veteran researchers from Spain analyze the photographic evidence of recurrent "ghost lights" sighted in Marfa, Texas, between 2003 and 2007. A rigorous scientific appraisal, using the best available supporting technology. 
[in  English; 179 large-format pages in full colour, 102 illustrations, 70 references].


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EUR 30,00
vergaSC  (See all Items in: UPIAR PUBLICATIONS)

When Saucers Came to Earth
The Story of the Italian UFO Landings in the Golden Age of the Flying Saucers: a detailed presentation of the Italian close encounter reports in the early years (between 1912 and 1954). The book features more than 100 fascinating saucer cases extensively commented, and with a comprehensive source listing, plus nearly 200 illustrations, including original newsclippings, sketches, maps, magazine covers and much more! 
Shipping: + 6 Euro to Europe, + 9 Euro to USA & Canada
 [260 pages, in English].

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EUR 30,00
antartida  (See all Items in: UPIAR PUBLICATIONS)

Avistamientos Ovni en la Antartida en 1965




by V.-J. Ballester Olmos & M. Borraz & H. Janosch  & J. C. Victorio (2013)

Fotocat Report #3: A team of four researchers from Spain and Argentina has devoted six years to analyze the famous rush of UFO sightings occurred in the Antarctica between June and August 1965. An unprecedented documentation has been collected, even contacting with surviving witnesses, and it has undergone profound examination, based on a rigorous scientific appraisal and using the best available supporting technology.  

[in Spanish with English abstract and conclusions; 183 large-format pages, including the full text and colour illustrations on a CD-ROM]. 


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